2012 – 2014 : Long Distance (Series)

This series was inspired by the Skype conversations Blake had with Zoe, and their long-distance collaborations.  The work references the altered ways in which modern relationships are sustained.  While Skype offers a comforting and false sense of closeness, it also allows the user a level of control of how one is perceived.  An agreed upon time is set aside, and it is the responsibility of each party to play their role until the chat is over, before returning to separate realities.  Additionally, the digital distortion that occurs in these situations can be so pervasive, that it in itself is another ‘being’ – another figure in the conversation, attempting participate in the exchange.


2013 – Latex Guy [Test 01: 07/28/13]

2012 – Skype on Friday

2012 – Hello, Empty Room

2012 – Shape Becomes Clear

2012 – Trans-Atlantic with Zoe Phillips


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