‘Lost Sheep’ w/ zoe phillips | 2011

This collaborative project began in 2011 as ‘Lost Sheep in Glasgow,’ a photographic and video piece with performative aspects.  A character was created to explore ideas of cultural identity – essentially, someone trying (and failing) to integrate themselves.  The sheep attempts to ‘fit in’ by going to places normally highly populated – only to find them deserted.

This page is separated into two major parts.  Blake and Zoe periodically return to the “Lost Sheep,” bringing him to new locations.  These showed the sheep’s unending, hapless, journey.  Some of these works were included at Studio 41 for As Comfortable as a Wool Bikini, with Kyle Channing Smith

Lost Sheep in Glasgow


As Comfortable as a Wool Bikini

Straying from the flock like lost sheep, Kyle Smith and Blake Peterson (in collaboration with Zoe Phillips) have wandered through Glasgow over the past two years, searching for answers to life’s most basic questions:

How Do I Fit In?  What Should I Say?

Where Did Everyone Go?

As Comfortable As A Wool Bikini is a collection of photographic, mixed-media, and video works exploring the notions of communication (or lack thereof), awkwardness, alienation…and sheep. Indeed, it will be just about as comfortable as a wool bikini.


In addition to featuring the works of Kyle Smith, and the presentation of additional “Lost Sheep” images, Kyle and Blake produced a specially commissioned short animation for the show and Blake gave a live performance as ‘the Sheep.’