2011 – Chit-Chat Tummy [with Zoe Phillips]

Still from 'Chit-Chat Tummy' by Zoe Phillips & Blake Peterson (2011)

Still from ‘Chit-Chat Tummy’ by Zoe Phillips & Blake Peterson (2011)

By Zoe Phillips & Blake Peterson (2011)

Media: Digital Film Stop Motion Animation (with Soundtrack)

Duration: 0 min, 56 seconds


In June of 2012, a version of the collaborative work “Chit Chat Tummy” was presented as an installation piece at the Glue Factory for the MFA Graduation Exhibition, in Glasgow, Scotland, UK.  Blake constructed a plinth to house the television (showing the looped video) using industrial latex, foam insulation, balloons, ink, acrylic and wood.  The sculpture was lit using a series of small LED lights.  Zoe advised / collaborated via skype for installation.

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